Thursday, 12 February 2015


Despite living so close to Frankfurt, we rarely actually visit! With Jenni here, though, we had an excuse to go and a fun day in the city. This first was just a fun building we saw. It's a lawyer's office.
 We visited the cathedral, of course. I forgot my camera, and my phone doesn't take great pictures in low light, but I thought this altar was really beautiful, as was the organ.

This is the view of the city across the Main River. We had visited the Städel Museum and took this picture as we walked back to the train station across a wonderful pedestrian bridge. The Städel was a nice surprise - I wasn't really expecting much, but it's a good art museum. I especially loved all the room full of works by Max Beckmann (only in part because there's usually an animal in each of his pictures so it's fun to look for them!)

They've built a wall around the old Jewish cemetery and in the wall is a marker for each of the Frankfurt Jews killed in the holocaust - 11,000 of them.

 Not much is left of the old cemetery itself.

Probably the most famous building in Frankfurt - the town hall.

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