Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fasching in Mainz Saturday

Saturday was the Jugendmaskenzug (Young people's mask parade). The theme this year was "The animal world celebrates Fassenacht" so all the school groups had animal themes. Gail participated with a friend, helping with some younger kids.

Some of the groups in the parade were the Carnival clubs, which just wear their usual outfits.

Some groups were pretty elaborate, like these spiders. I loved the web. 

 This is one of the clubs in their "normal" outfit.

This one made us laugh because it looked so much like an American marching band. 

A few floats in this parade, though it was mainly just marchers.

These are marchers from one of the old Carnival Clubs

Gail waving the flag for her marching group.

Gail with her friend Leah. And some guy behind them. 

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