Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fasching in Mainz - Sunday!

Sunday we went out again to enjoy Fasching. Lots of stuff for kids again today.

On Sunday the floats for Monday's parade are on display. It's great to see them up close, especially for the non-native German speaker as they often have quite a bit of text and/or you need to understand political context to get the joke.

This one is called "Problem Bear" and features a likeness of Putin. This style is pretty typical - the front has a rhyme that kind of explains the float and the artistry on them is pretty amazing.

Americans should appreciate this one, featuring Obama as a lame duck. 

With the Republicans as a shark after him.

This one features the first female secretary of defense for Germany.

 Here's one about drug problems.

And a food safety themed one on the "invasion" of doctored food. Notice that the headless, bleached chicken is carrying an American flag.

It's not all political. We also went to a fun concert and enjoyed the crowds (along with a German beer!).

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