Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fasching in Mainz - Friday

Friday seemed to be a quiet day. The kids had the day off of school and there were lots of preparations. The stands for food, beer, and rides are being set up on the cathedral square.

Some shops around the main area of festivities are boarding up their windows - this one using Fasching colors. 

Even the statue of Gutenberg is decorated for the event.

TV cameras are set up at the main grandstand for the parade viewing.

Etiquette reminders are posted (The pisser is a pitiful costume.) It's a 35 Euro fine for "Wildpinkeln."

Clean up has already begun.

And, to pick up a theme of the level of kids' independence here - a small girl, wearing her Fasching costume (or maybe she just likes skeleton tights!) doing a little grocery shopping.

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