Wednesday, 22 April 2015


We were very lucky to have beautiful weather our first day on Santorini. We visited to a black sand beach where it was warm enough to wade if not to swim.                                                                                 (Gail's note: Mom says, "warm enough to wade," when she dipped a toe in and said "That's cold. I'm not wading in that." True to her word, she leapt backwards anytime a wave came anywhere near her toes.)

We went to Fira and explored some, hiking down to the water and then taking the cable car back up. Unfortunately the museum we'd hoped to visit was closed and the traffic was terrible in the city. We drove on to Oia, where we were staying. We had a little trouble finding our hotel, but as elsewhere in Greece, people are amazingly friendly. A cafĂ© owner called our hotel to find out where it was. I was a little worried as it was on the "wrong" side of the road, but it turned out to have a terrace with a gorgeous view of the caldera. I spent a very happy afternoon in the sun reading and eating cookies. 

View of Oia from Fira
From our "veranda"

We had dinner at a great Thai restaurant (really!) called Paradox and then went to watch the sunset, which is the big event of the day in Oia. It was gorgeous. We went back to the restaurant as we'd promised Gail fried bananas (Gail's note: Yum!), and the restaurant owner said they were on the house! The food was so good that we went back the next day.

Wednesday, our last full day in Greece, was somewhat stormy and very cloudy. We still enjoyed walking a bit on the path between the towns, walking around town, and having a fish pedicure. It's good to do something utterly silly while on vacation.

Oia at night

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