Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hydra and Epidavros

Hydra is one of the most popular Greek islands to visit, mainly because it's really easy to reach! We drove to Metochi, the coastal town, not at all sure that we'd be able to catch a ferry, but it was running and we got there and parked with 10 minutes to spare. It's a pretty short trip to Hydra from there. We didn’t quite get the peace and quiet we'd planned for the day - there was a 25-mile trail race ending in the town of Hydra and the port area was filled with loud music and obnoxious whistles that lasted nearly the whole time we were there. No cars are allowed on the island (donkeys are the most-used alternative) and it's fun to just wander the streets and admire the scenery. We also walked a bit on the coastal path, made friends with some cats, and had the best ice cream of our trip to Greece at the Cool Mule on the harbor.

On our drive back to Nafplio we stopped at Epidavros. There's not much to see there but a theater; however, the theater is amazing! It's from about 300 BC and is surprisingly intact. The acoustics are astounding - from the center of the stage you can be heard with very little effort by those  in the farthest seats and your own voice echoes back to you.

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