Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dutch weekend

I made a last-minute solo trip to the Netherlands this weekend because Hester was free, the weather forecast for Monday was good, the tulips were in bloom, and Monday was King's Day!

Sunday I travelled to Voorburg and Hester's family took me on a drive to Gouda and to see the polders and windmills.

These first few pictures are of the town of Gouda.

Hester and her mom, Catrine

The polders are the low-lying areas protected by dikes. Narrow roads run on the dikes. This is also an area of the Netherlands with lots of windmills.

stork in nest
 King's Day is the annual celebration of the King's birthday (though it was Queen's day until last year!). It is a national holiday. Children use the holiday to set up tables to sell their stuff, using money to then buy other kids' stuff. It is like a big national garage sale.

The traditional treat for King's day is the Tompouce, iced orange in honor of the House of Orange.

On Monday Hester, Marius and I went to Keukenhof. We rented bikes and rode through the tulip fields and also visited the park. It was a beautiful day!

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