Monday, 27 October 2014

Croatia - Split and Trogir

It was quite a change to go from snow in Plitvice Lakes to palm trees in Split! We used Airbnb for the first time, and we are fans. We had a very small apartment less than 5 minutes from the waterfront/Dioclesian's Palace. The only problem - parking!

But the waterfront was beautiful, and certainly a big change from the snow we'd woken up to in the mountains!

The most famous part of Split is Diocletian's Palace. For those not up on Diocletian, he was a 3rd century Roman emperor who built the palace/fortress for his retirement. He was reportedly so worried about assassination that he slept in a different room every night. It is now a warren of museums, shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, etc.

This is one of the remaining gates of the palace.

We climbed the Cathedral tower within the Palace complex for wonderful views over Split. The large ship is one of the ferries that goes to the many islands in the Adriatic.

From Split it's an easy one hour bus ride to Trogir, another World Heritage site with a beautiful old town. And of course, there was a cathedral tower that needed to be climbed!

This was the view from the fortress on the waterfront.

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