Wednesday, 1 October 2014

And a few pictures

Now that we have internet on a regular basis, I'm going to add some pics!

Here are a couple of things I love in Germany. Many cities have signs directing you to where you can park, with the number of spots currently free. We don't have a car here, but I still love that they have these.

And I've mentioned the yellow line designating the smoking area on German train platforms. Here's an example - the picture is taken out a train window, so there's a little glare. This just cracks me up. There are also recycling bins on every platform.One thing I haven't figured out is why so many people smoke, which seems contrary to the higher level of concern about food purity and the environment. I just looked it up and the rate is almost identical in Germany (1,045 cigarettes/adult/year) and in the U.S. (1,028 cigarettes/adult/year). That' what Wikipedia says, so it must be true. Maybe it's just that I spend more time walking and on buses and trains so see it more.

And I have to mention that Germany has fabulous playgrounds. Unfortunately, Gail is getting too big for them, but I still appreciate the sheer fun of them.

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