Tuesday, 2 September 2014

To market, to market

This morning I made my first trip to the local market, which is only a couple of blocks away and is next to the Cathedral. The market happens three days a week and it's gorgeous. I didn't buy a lot today, but I think I'm going to have to make fresh flowers a habit! In addition to vegetables and flowers you can also buy cheese, meat, bread, honey, jam, coffee, etc.

We also visited Gail's school today. I will let her update the blog on that! 

Yesterday we did a walking tour of Mainz. It was very good, and I took notes so I can share fun facts with anyone who visits. Spoiler alert: Gutenberg features prominently. Here are a couple of views of the cathedral.

The buildings of central Mainz were heavily damaged in the war - something like 80% of the central city, so much of it is rebuilt. The cathedral was damaged but not destroyed. We learned that the neighborhood we live in was built on fill when the Rhine River was dredged to make it navigable for shipping. Another fun fact - relics of Roman ships from the 4th century were found nearby.

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