Friday, 22 May 2015


There's lots beautiful in Potsdam - this is not an example. Rather, it's an example of that unspeakable era of East German architecture. This is right in the middle of town.

But what we went to Potsdam for was the Sans Souci park! As soon as we arrived in Potsdam we hit the information desk in the train station and bought tickets to the Sans Souci palace - thank goodness, as there were only four left!

Sans Souci is a relatively small palace built in the 18th century, home to Frederick the Great, King of Prussia and famous for the Rococo style throughout.
Sans Souci Marble Hall

Sans Souci Voltaire room
Sans Souci Voltaire Room chandelier
Also in Sans Souci Park is the New Palace, also built by Frederick the Great. It's larger and was used primarily for ceremonial purposes. It is similarly done in Rococo style.
Floor in the New Palace
The Sans Souci Park is enormous - the path between Sans Souci Palace and the New Palace is 2.5 km long. Other fun buildings in the park include the Chinese House.

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